Do you develop domains?? Would you be interested in something I stumbled upon which is now making me an extra $1,000 per month?? Keep reading…

I run a few websites and on all of them I have Google Analytics installed.? I like to check the stats every week for my domains to see where traffic is coming from, what keywords are driving search engine traffic, and get an overall idea of where I can focus to improve my site.? One of the sites that I run is a forum.? About three months ago I was checking the stats (specifically the keywords that drove people to my forum) and I noticed a keyword that was driving a decent amount of traffic.? What surprised me is that I was not familiar with this keyword nor I did use this word on my site.? So after some digging I found that in one of the forum’s member’s posts he mentioned this keyword and now this post was ranking highly in Google (second page) for this keyword.? This told me two things: 1.? the competition for this keyword must be nonexistent if this post on my forum was ranking second page in Google and 2.? there might be an opportunity here to create some additional revenue.

I decided to do a little test which would cost minimal time and money.? Here’s the steps I took, the money I had to spend, and the amount of time it took:

– I bought a domain name with the keyword in the title.? Cost $10.? Time 5 minutes.

– I installed WordPress on the domain and installed my favorite couple of plugins.? Cost $0.? Time 20 minutes.? (note: I hosted this site in a shared hosting account I have so no additional expense was incurred for hosting)

– I added adsense code to my new blog.? I formatted my sidebar to show what I wanted it to show.? Cost $0.? Time 20 minutes.

– I then did some research on this keyword so that I could write intelligently about it.? I then wrote my first five articles and posted them.? Cost $0.? Time 90 minutes.

At this point I had spent $10 and 2 hours and 15 minutes.? I was going to sit back and wait a week and see what happened…

So a week goes by and my site is on the second page of Google for this keyword.? I’m not making much Cost Per Click (i.e.? keyword is not a good paying keyword) but I’m getting a great Click Through Rate so with volume I see it can make some decent money.

I write an article every 3 days and by the end of the first month I’m on the front page of Google for this keyword, both for my site’s main URL and for the URL of one of my articles.? The first month I made around $150.

I kept writing articles every few days and now my site owned 3 of the top 10 spots on the first page.? I also climbed higher on the front page until my homepage URL hit the #2 spot.? My second month I made $600 and was spending 1 hour a week writing articles (so I made $600 that month and only spent about 4 total hours).

I kept this up for the third month.? I also tweaked where I placed my Adsense ads on my site.? My second and third URLs climbed the SERPs and the third month just closed with $1,000 in Adsense revenue.? I think this $1,000/month is the cap of what I can make with this site, but for 4 hours of maintenance a month I’m not complaining.

There’s a few things you can take away from this story.

1.? It doesn’t take a ton of money to make money.

2.? Using Google Analytics for keyword research can work.? Don’t just look at the top 10 keywords driving traffic to your sites.? Dig further down and you may be able to identify some keywords with very weak competition.

3.? You don’t need to burn the midnight oil every night to make some money online.?? I hear a lot of people saying they spend 20 hours a week online trying to make money and only make pennies.? Work smarter not harder.? Going after a low competition keyword is a great place to make some easy money.? You won’t retire off of it, but you will be able to make some decent dough which you can then use to invest in larger ventures down the road.

2 comments on “How I Stumbled Upon an Extra $1,000 per Month

  • Great article. Awesome job. I was researching keywords a few nights ago and found one with very low competition; however the keyword is directly related to a larger topic. I wasn’t sure if I should buy the domain name because of the weak competition.

    So, are you saying it is possible to profit via Adsense from a obscure keyword with weak competition? Thanks.

  • It depends how ‘obscure’ your keyword is. If nobody is searching for it then I would not recommend buying the domain if your plan is to build a site and monetize it with Adsense.

    What I’m driving at is that to make money you don’t need to target huge volume keywords like “insurance”, “make money”, or “refinance” which will have huge competition. You can find keywords which may only get a few thousand searches per month, but the competition is non-existant.

    Also, if you can purchase the exact .com or .net domain for your keyword, see if you can purchase an offshoot of it… meaning if your keyword is ‘browser’ and and are not available, use the Google Adwords Keyword tool to find an offshoot of it that gets some searches, maybe “” or “” and then just build you site to target the keyword “browser”. This way you will domainate for “latest browser” but you will also get traffic from “browser” as a keyword too. You can target a multiple keywords with one site.

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