I love .net domains when I plan on developing a domain, want search engine love, don’t care too much about returning visitors, and want to keep my domain purchase price as low as possible. This is my ideal .net situation… I want to develop a product name related domain with an information driven content site and monetize it with Adsense or affiliate product links (or both). This is a one and done project meaning I’m not going to be burning the midnight oil every week maintaining this site. I’m going to build it out and let it sit out there, maybe adding a new page or two of content every few weeks. I’m not going to count on type ins, my goal is to rank high in the SERPs. I want a constant flow of new visitors, knowing that I will achieve a percentage of new visitors checking out the ads each day.

The first step of my process is buying the domain. And this brings up the question of how much a .net domain is worth compared to a .com domain. The general rule of thumb that most people follow is that a .com is worth 10 times a .net (or inversely said, a .net is worth 1/10th of a .com). But I don’t think this common perception is not true anymore. I think a .net in the marketplace is worth less than 1/10th of a .com nowadays and this is good for people like me who follow this development strategy.

I’ve been buying quite a few .net product domains over the past year and based on the sales I’ve been a part of my thought is that a .net is now worth about 1/30th of a .com domain. For the mathematically challenged this means that I believe that a .com that sells for $30k would imply that the .net version is worth $1k. And unless you are trying to brand the .com domain then the .net version is a steal in my mind and I’ve been buying the .nets up. I do not believe in Google’s eyes a .com vs a .net matters when they calculate the SERPs and this plays right into my hands.

I’d be curious to see if anyone out there has any thoughts on the .com vs .net ratio and if they fall in line with what I’ve been seeing or if anyone has a significant difference of opinion. And if you own any product related .net domains that you are trying to sell give me a shout at Admin @ TLD.org with your domain and asking price.

2 comments on “How Much of a .Com is a .Net worth?

  • A search phrase .COM will naturally get some type-in traffic but I believe fewer and fewer people type domains directly into the browser bar than years ago (because normally they just resolve to parking pages). So the .COM by default has some traffic the .Net will not have. However, if developed, the .Net can rank just as easily as the .COM (OK some argue domain age is a ranking factor while others disagree). Regardless, I have seen .Nets do rank well. So while the .COM brand is more widely respected, for development purposes, a 90% differential makes no sense. Actually the .Net is a recognized extension even if Fortune 500 companies aren’t as likely to buy them. My personal view is that I would be willing to pay about three to four times as much for the .COM as the .Net due to its branding power and potential type-in traffic. However, if the .COM holder insists on a ten or twenty or greater multiple, the .Net would be my next choice. I’m not a fan of .Org for branding purposes though I have read they rank well at Google.

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