This is going to be a short post to give you the concept, I’m not trying to spoonfeed anyone here.? I hear people all the time say it is impossible to make money online.? I think if someone is a hard worker and is willing to learn that they can make money online… and you don’t need to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Step 1:? Create a free blog online.? You can go to Blogger, WordPress, etc…

Step 2: Sign up to a company which you can monetize your blog with.? This is either Google Adsense, or a CPA affiliate company, etc…

Step 3: Keep your blog narrow very focused on a certain topic.? Make your blog become an authority on that topic.? This will help your blog rank well in the search engines for whatever topic you are talking about.

Step 4: Free promotion.? Once you have your blog built you need to start driving some traffic.? You also need to build some backlinks.? How do you do this for free?? Article marketing.? There are tons of article sites out there.? They allow you to submit articles to them (and its free).? You’ll get an article online, a backlink to your site, and soon some traffic will follow.? The key here is two things… 1. make sure your article is well written, informative, and entices people to click on that backlink to visit your site and 2. you need to submit a high volume of articles.? If you only submit 2 or 3 articles that is not enough.? There are people every day submitting tens of articles.? Mix it up, there are hundreds of article sites, submit to a wide range of them.

There you have it, 4 steps on how you can make money online without any money needed.

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  • I’m really glad I discovered your blog. You are straight to the point and optimistic. I would add that one should consider CPC before starting a blog or website. I write a sports blog with 300 pages of content and have made pennies (apparently sports readers aren’t looking to buy anything), whereas my finance-related websites have good profit potential via Adsense.

    • Good point, CPC is important. That being said, I have a site which has horrible CPC of $0.05, but the site drives good volume so even at the $0.05 CPC the site is generating high $XXX per month with only 5 hours of maintenance work time spent per month.
      But overall, I agree, CPC is very important and should be analyzed before you take action.

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