Rick Schwartz posted an article (found here) where he? is talking about two things, the Google Panda (part 2) algorithm change penalty against exact match domains and Groupon, but he says that they are connected.? I don’t follow you Rick.? Here’s my thoughts:

While you see the Panda 2 as helping domain owners I don’t agree.? If I wanted to buy a domain for tourism in Berlin I think VisitBerlin.com would have been a great choice.? Why?? Because my target market is people who want to visit Berlin, and when they go to Google you know what they will search for?? They’ll search for “visit Berlin”.?? If the domain VisitBerlin.com is getting a benefit in the SERPS as a result of being an exact match domain then that will increase the value of VisitBerlin.com as a domain name, which is how it worked in the past.? (and I should mention that I don’t think VisitBerlin.com would receive much direct nav traffic so the search engine part is key in a domain like this) Now, with the Panda 2 change VisitBerlin.com loses values in my eyes because I can register VisitBerlinToday.com or CheckOutBerlin.com or BerlinIsTheGreatestPlaceToGoOnEarth.com and there’s no difference in Google’s eyes when it is producing the results.? Yes, for branding VisitBerlin.com is preferable to any of these domains but we’re not talking about branding here.

To buy VisitBerlin.com I will have to pay a premium… I think it sold for around $230k if I remember correctly.? If you’re going to shell out that money for the domain I believe YOU SHOULD get an advantage in the SERPS.? You obviously aren’t going to throwing up a crappy mini-content site on the domain after shelling out that cash.? But now with Panda 2 you lose that advantage of having an exact match domain getting weighted more heavily.? How is this going to help domainers?? If anything, most domainers park their pages.? Before, even if you had a parked page you may have had a respectable placement in Google for that domains exact match keyword.? This would have helped bring more traffic to your site and more potential customers.? With the Panda 2 change I would anticipate that those parked Sedo pages (or whoever you park with) will get knocked down into no man’s land.? How is this helping the domainer?

Maybe I’m missing something that should be hitting me square between the eyes but how does Groupon relate to all of this?? Groupon is a social deal purchasing site.? Google wanted it because of the member figures and member growth it was experiencing.? To me, this would have been a waste of $6 billion for Google.? Groupon is a fad, it’s got hundreds of competitors, and once the ‘new toy’ becomes old and there’s another new toy around Groupon will slowly fad away.? Google would have wanted to integrate Groupon with Google maps and Google places and those other 100 different Google projects that they try but never seem to be able to monetize.? To get back on point, Rick’s post says “Business owners love Groupon and so does the consumer. Compare that to how they feel about Google. “? I’m not following… Google wanted to drop $6 billion to get some of the love that Groupon was getting?? And what does that have to do with Panda 2 algo change about exact match domains?

There was an article I read earlier today (but now I can’t find it) showing the sites that the Panda 2 algo change hit hard and it also showed sites that benefited from it.? Do you know who benefited significantly from it?? Google owned properties.? It’s kinda like owning a club, getting everyone to visit your club all the time, and then kicking out the vendors that supply your beer and stocking your own home brewed beer so you can profit even more.? What if the home brewed beer isn’t what people really wanted though you claim it is?? I think Google is opening a can of worms and with changes like this that really hurt thousands of people but will benefit themselves Google is two handedly opening the door for Facebook to come in with their own search engine and usher people into their “club”.

If you want to weed out the worthless sites, with crap content, or spam posts, or duplicate crap, or jumbled english then the best way to do that was the Google +1 idea and use the search engine users’ feedback to knock the garbage out of the SERPS.? Don’t punish the people who either registered exact match domains back in the 90’s or who paid thousands upon thousands of dollars for them.

“Imagine Google may now worry about actually giving their customers quality results! That can only help domainers with REAL type in traffic.”? I also don’t follow this statement by Rick, I’m failing to connect the link between direct navigation traffic and changing the Google algorithm.? I admit I only have one domain that gets significant type in traffic, but I don’t see how this matters with regards to the SERPS.? If anything, crappy results in the SERPS that resulted in people not finding what they wanted would only result in more people attempting a direct nav in my opinion.

If anyone can explain the Google/Groupon/Panda 2/Exact Match Domain Hit please let me know because I don’t get it.

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  • As far as I’ve understood, he means that this change is going to help domainers with mostly type-in names and proves the importance of direct navigation traffic.

  • Maybe he is saying in the final analysis those with direct nav domain will benefit most as google adjust it’s search to compete. In your example, instead of visitberlin.com, you need Berlin.com. I don’t think he likes to be controlled by google, or anyone entity.

  • @Joe

    I would think the effect is the opposite… if everyone thinks the search engine results are brilliant then why would anyone ever direct navigate? If you think the search engine results are crap and people aren’t finding what they want to find then they may try direct navigating.

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