I thought the GoDaddy Groupon deal was dead. Actually I found it alive in 10 cities after a reader contacted me and told me it was still going on. I don’t know if these are new cities that recently were added or what so you may find some that you didn’t purchase before. I literally went through over 100 cities to see what was still alive so hopefully I saved someone a bunch of time. And even though it is day 3 of the new year I think I’m done searching through Groupon for the rest of the year.

The deal is spend $10 for a $30 GoDaddy credit or spend $30 for a $75 GoDaddy credit. You’re allowed to buy 1 Groupon per city but someone mentioned to me last night that you could buy both the $10 and the $30 deal from the same city.

Portland Deal

Ocala Deal

Daytona Beach Deal

Tuscon Deal

Huntsville Deal

Asheville Deal

Albany Deal

Las Vegas Deal

Gainsville Deal

Orlando Deal

And after you buy them you can go to the GoDaddy redemption page to turn them into GoDaddy credits on your account:
Redeem Here

And I saw a code floating around on a forum to take something like 50% off your order at GoDaddy so save even more, code: GDBBREN8

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