As the title says I strongly recommend if you are thinking about entering into any type of business arrangement with Adam Dicker that you take the next 15-20 minutes and read some items that have come out as it will potentially help you make a wise decision.? And if you don’t have 15 minutes the short of it is you probably want to stay very far away.


Namepros Thread:

A lot of stories told here about their experiences with Adam

Shane Bellone Article:

This broke the story and helped get people to share their stories

DomainNameWire Articles:

First major blog to post follow up on this


And here’s a screenshot of the Adam Dicker team from his website:


If you’re not up to date on your technology who’s who, that is Marissa Mayer the CEO of Yahoo whose picture is used above the name Jordana Smith.? I’m not sure she would appreciate her likeness being used here.




14 comments on “If You Plan on Doing Business With Adam Dicker You Should Read this First

  • Domain Sherpa should remove all materials of Adam Dicker from their site also, you don’t want some poor soul getting taken advantage of innocently enough.

  • Hey! You’re bashing a National Treasure here in Canada. This claims to be the domaining messiah AKA TheDotComGod as he calls himself.
    I believe he is “robbing Peter to pay Paul” and is just taking money from some other dodgy source to pay some backlog of bills.
    I really thing the Canadian Tax Office should look into his dealings and give him an audit because I guarantee he is not paying anything close to what he should from domain sales(intangible goods)
    Kudos to you and Shane for continuing to dig up the dirt on these crooked scumbags that help destroy the credibility of this small industry

  • Some lame web development, the boxes in the profile pics are not even equal size, or editing, that is some grade 8 kind of web design.

  • The “Carole Johnstone” photograph is also one he simply pulled off the internet. If you look closely at it, one the left hand side, it says Then go to Google images and search 9gag ginger girl and you’ll find her.

  • Sorry, thought I posted the pic URL… Note that this picture shows up on a LOT of pages if you do a reverse image search.

  • Does anyone know how to contact the Canadian version of the IRS? I would guess that a person with a non-existent or, at best, messy bookkeeping system combined with a non-existent or, at best, loose code of ethics and a blatant disregard for the law would be a prime candidate for a tax audit. I would not be surprised if that was the next big shoe to drop in this guy’s story.

  • Adam Dicker used to sell domainers cheap offshore incorporation and bank account packages on dnforum so you can be fairly sure he is cheating on his taxes.

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