I caught a post in a forum that I’m a member of about a SEO service where you pay only if they get you ranked well. Personally I had not heard of any SEO service that does not charge up front (not sure if this is rare or if I need to get out more) so this concept did intrigue me as I have a ton of very competitive niches that I’d love to rank for without having to do any work myself and without paying someone up front only to possibly be disappointed when they can’t rank well against the competition. I have not used this service yet.? But I did take their site for a little test drive to see how it worked and here’s the summary:

1. Visit the Rankpay Homepage.

2.? Enter the website that you want SEO services for.? For this example I will use TLD.org.

3.? On the next page, enter the keyword you want to rank for.? I chose “domain names”.? Your results will appear (click the image to see it enlarged):


4.? As you can see, the results tell you how many monthly searches there are within Google, Yahoo, and Bing… where you site currently ranks within the search engines for the keyword (if you are not in the top 30 it will just say “Not in Top 30”, otherwise if you are in the top 30 it will tell you your position, and then it will give you what your cost would be if they can rank you within a certain range.

So in this example, if they got me within the top 3 results for the term “domain names” they would charge me $756 a month.? At the end of the next month they see where I am, if they kept me in the top 3 I would pay the $756 again.? If I fell in the rankings to let’s say #4, then I would pay $680 for that month. This continues for 6 months.? After 6 months they charge you a ‘maintenance fee’, so instead of full price you pay only 50% each month on.? So how much would it cost you to be in the top 3 results of Google for an entire years???? 6 months @ $756/month plus 6 months @ $378/month = $6,804.

So if you’re one of the big boys who have 100,000 domain names to sell it would make perfect sense to spend $6,804 to get in the top 3 results for “domain names” for an entire year.? If they made one sale because of that ranking they would already recoup their cost.

Now let’s compare if you wanted to do some PPC advertising instead, right now using the Google Adwords tool, the top paying click for the exact match “domain names” is costing the advertiser $8.69 per click.? Let’s say that is too expensive for you and you pay $2 per click.? For $6,804 you would get 3,402 clicks (i.e. visitors) to your site.? How many visitors would you get from the organic traffic being in the top 3 results?? Let’s see…? I used this image in one of my older posts and it is time to bring it back…

So the top spot in Google will get you 56% of the clicks, spot 2 gets you 13.5% of the clicks, and spot 3 gets you 9.8% of the clicks.? Let’s be conservative and say we land in spot #3.? If you clicked that thumbnail pic above (the first pic, long and skinny one) you would see it tells you that there are 450,000 for the term “domain names” in Google each month.? If we got 9.82% of them we would get 44,000+ visitors per month.? In a full year that would be about 530,000 visitors.? (on a cost per click basis that would be $6,804 divided by 530,000 visitors… or about $0.013 cents per click… so a little over a penny per click)

So with $6,804 you could receive 3,402 pay-per-click visitors, or you can receive 530,000 organic search engine visitors.

Now, this all sounds great but the big caveat is the word IF…? IF they can get you ranked that high.? There’s no guarantees here.? Obviously it is in their best interest to get you ranked as high as they can, because it puts more money in their pocket.? Now I just heard about them today, did a few tests to see what it would cost for some of my sites and some of the keywords I would like to rank higher for so I have not yet used their service.? Just want to be clear with everyone, this is all conceptual and mathematical.

I will be narrowing down the research I did today and using their service for two keywords for two different sites and I will report back on how that goes.

4 comments on “Interesting Concept… A SEO Service Where You Only Pay If You Rank Well

  • Interesting service. I have been offering the same thing to SEO clients of mine. Just got to make sure the niche is not overly competitive and there is enough profit in it to compensate for the ones that you fail to rank for. Nice service though, too expensive for the sites I ran through it though.

  • Their fee scale says it costs a client about 80% as much to rank 10th on Google as it does to rank 1st. What would motivate them to do the extra work to push somebody past 10th?

    • @Randomo

      Well, I guess if they only care about you using their service for 1 keyword then you have a point. But to me, if they got me to top 3 for a competitive keyword then I would be using them very frequently. So repeat customers is the motivation.

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