I noticed a change today, maybe this change took place a while ago and I was just blind to it (which is most likely the case).? I remember when I used to search on Google the first 3 results were ads, but you could clearly tell that because there was a colored background (I want to say off-yellow colored) where it made it obvious that they were ads.? Now, that color is gone.? I almost thought that there were no ads at the top of the results, but sneakily there are 3 of them.? If you put your cursor over the Anchor text you can see the first three go through a Google.com link, after that, they go directly to the website’s domain.? How many people are now clicking on the ads thinking that they are clicking on a real search result?? Statistics show that between 40-50% of clicks are on the first search result.? Does this mean that half the clicks are now going to the top advertiser instead of the first natural search result website?? Could this be construed as ‘click fraud’ on Google’s part?


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How much traffic is being lost that should have gone to the natural search results is instead going to the Google Ads?? Google likes to be known as an ethical company… is this ethical?? In my opinion, people are getting tricked and clicking on the ads.? Google had the colored background for the ads previously and they intentionally removed it.? What was the reason if not to increase clicks on their ads?? Oh Google…? is this how you want to drive the bottom line?

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  • Are you colorblind? I don’t mean that as an insult. The color is still clearly there. It is a very light pink that would be difficult to see to a person that is colorblind or partially colorblind.

  • Hi,

    95%+ of the content on Goggle is owned by someone else…other than Google when you think about it. I do not know if they are ‘stealing’ anything…but they sure get the free use of other peoples property, with or without their consent…

    They have sites of mine ‘indexed’ in their “SE” that I specifically indicated to their ‘spider bot(s)’… I did not want the sites indexed in their “SE”…they are in it anyway…


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