If you bid on Namejet you should check out this Namepros thread that started yesterday:


Right now it is 13 pages and growing so if you don’t have the time to read through the entire thing then read the first page, and then read the post by user Michael (I believe Namebio.com’s owner) on page 13 where he details out in length another potential case of rampant shill bidding.

Namejet has some answering to do because people are providing detailed info that looks very suspicious and if regular Namejet users can find this stuff out then why isn’t Namejet doing it in the first place???

I think it is important enough for domain bloggers to each create a post about this and put pressure on Namejet to do something here.

And if you are a Namejet user you should contact Namejet and demand answers.  Remember, if shill bidding is going on then it is costing all of you extra money because of false bids.  Maybe it is time for a new and transparent auction company to get created.

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