The July kicked off today and I think this is one of the better months that I can remember.? Here’s a list of what I like and why I like it: – Potential homes for sale site.? Memorable domain name for this market.? Get your house “Listed” at… – Getting or might not be possible unless you have seven figures so this is the next best thing.? Reasonable reserve at $5k-$9k. & – forwards to Hidden Valley’s website and is a software company.? Again, .net’s are no .com’s, but when the .com is not available the .net becomes attractive. – love the name, but price range is $10k-$25k so bring your checkbook.? I think it could sell in the $10K range, not so sure about the $25k range. – good site to have people create the content, site could be about people’s off the wall stories which are ‘unbelievable’. – nice product domain name.? The .com is for sale through the link on its landing page.? I’d guess the asking on that would be six figures and the reserve on the .net is $1k-$5k.? If you want type in traffic then obviously the .com is what you need… if you’re going to do your SEO on the site then spend a few $k on the .net and you can probably get all the top spots in Google for $10k of SEO work and be tens of thousands ahead of the game then if you bought the .com. – very nice keyword, not sure how you spin the .org into a revenue generating site though. – solid .com product domain, many different types of pedals out there (guitar, car, etc…) so no shortage of potential end users to market this one to.? Price tag is reasonable with reserve between $5k-10k. – not a fan at all of .biz domains, but for this keyword and a reserve of $500 or less I’d take a shot on it. – the CVCV domains (especially pronouncable ones) are trendy right now.? This rhymes with “tube” and with the “m” it could be for movies?? Maybe…? Surprisingly this is the only CVCV domain in this auction.? Reserve price of $500 or less means this will sell. – for under $1k a car window tint shop could get a domain name that is easy to promote.? I never get it, I’ll hear an ad on the radio for car tints which they probably spent $1k on, but they won’t spend $1k on a domain (at least most average Joe business owners).? Amazingly in 2011 most business owners still don’t understand the importance of a quality and easy to remember domain name.

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