Earlier this year a few of the major sports streams linking directory sites (like Rojadirecta.org and ATDHE.net) were confiscated by the US government’s ICE division.? This is old news.? One of the sites (Channelsurfing.net) owner’s was US based (in Texas) and is being charged with a criminal suit that could result in fines and jail time, somewhat old news.? Domain owners are (or at least should be) concerned about the lack of due process.? The domains were confiscated prior to the owners receiving any notification or chance to defend themselves.? ICE will claim due process was followed, I am not as confident.

Getting back on track, one of these sites Ilemi.com is back up on the .eu domain Ilemi.eu.? Now to my question/point/reason for this post…? Ilemi.eu offers webmasters the opportunity to iframe Ilemi’s links listings (you can find this offer here:? http://ilemi.eu/webmasters/ ).? What would this constitute in ICE’s eyes if you put this on your site?? You would be iframing another site’s link listing which lead to another site’s broadcast.? Would being two steps removed be enough to save yourself and your domain or would the US government come knocking on your door (or do they tear the door down first, and then knock?).? And why haven’t any of the broadcasting sites (like Justin.tv, Ustream.tv, etc…) been taken down by ICE?? Those are the servers that actually are hosting/providing the copyrighted material even if the content is user submitted.?? How careful do website owners need to be with where they link now?? Does linking to a video clip of copyrighted material on Youtube mean your site could be taken?? Just how deep does the ICE run?


If I can diverge a little…? I find it funny that the US government is spending taxpayer money to shut down websites (which inevitably will pop back up on European registered extensions…? did ICE not know this?? Dohhhh) instead of using taxpayer money to chase down violent criminal offenders and terrorists.? Do you feel safer now that people can’t watch sports on Rojadirecta.org but instead need to travel to Rojadirecta.es to watch them?? Why is tax payer money being spent to “protect” sports leagues (the NFL just made $8 Billion in revenue this past year… did you hear that?? And our taxpayer money is going to help out that poor tiny Tim business?).? I guess this goes to show that the money spent on lobbying politicians does have some impact.? Too bad the taxpayer money spent resulted in nothing more than a few more $9.99 domain registrations and the exact same content being hosted on different domain extensions.? Maybe ICE should spend more time catching bad guys (I mean real bad guys) and less time trying to police links on the internet…? just maybe…

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