Does the length of your domain registration have any impact on the SERPs?? According to a Google document the answer is (potentially) Yes!? Most people register a domain for 1 year.? This helps keep cash in your pocket, it also saves you money if you factor the present value of money (i.e.? paying for 10 years of registration for a domain today costs you more then paying 1 year at a time for 10 years).? But if you have a domain that you are developing you may want to bite the bullet and buy the maximum length of the registration allowed.

Paying $100-150 up front for a 10 year registration is worth it (to me) for my developed sites if there is a potential chance that by doing so I’ll get some help in the SERPs.? We all know how important it is to move up just one place on the first page of a search result in Google so I would consider this money well spent if there is any impact.? (if you don’t know how important moving up a spot is, here is a Google first page click distribution study done by Cornell University)

So if you have a domain that you developed and you can afford maxing out the registration period you may want to consider doing so.

4 comments on “Length of Domain Registration Impacts SERPs? – Google Document

  • I was aware of that SEO tip before even know domaining.

    So what excite me the most in your post and that has no price is that info on %clicks and % based on rank.

    It’s gold and I bookmark it!

  • @ Francois

    I’ve heard a lot of people who rank #2 think that is good enough and don’t think spending time and/or money to get to #1 would make a big impact for them. According to the research above they would get 4x more traffic by being in the #1 spot instead of #2 spot.

  • Not to mention that the registration may expire in a time that you have no money, so you would have lost your domain that you invested time and money into it. When I had, I renewed it for an extra 5 years. I am going to try to do that for others like and others too.

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