I add a lot of domains to my Namejet account if for no other reason then I can hit the ‘report’ button and I see what the final auction ending sale price was. This gives me good insight into getting a feel for what different types of domains are selling for. It helps me clue into what type of domain names might be hot and selling for a premium and which ones may be on a cold streak. Let’s take a look at some of the final auction sales prices for recently ended auctions:

Minors.org $521 – Not sure what the buyer will use this for, price seems reasonable if they have some kind of plan.

Sanz.com $2,878 – The pronouncable LLLL .com domains are on fire. Imagine if you had the foresight to this upcoming trend years ago when thousands of these were still unregistered.

Yawi.com $1,401 – Another LLLL sale for over a thousand.

Einstein.net $1,900 – Nice pickup here for the buyer. I was thinking about bidding higher on this one but I’m too busy with other development projects to take on a new one. People will always be searching for Einstein (at least in our lifetime).

Clares.com $7,726 – I’m thinking the buyer bought this as a typo for Claires.com which is a teenage girls type of fashion/jewelry store. I bet the typo traffic is nice on this one.

Intimates.net $706 – Nice pickup if the buyer is going to brand this into an intimate shopping portal.

Radon.org $2,200 – I’m guessing the radon niche is a profitable one (same thing as mold and asbestos I’d guess). Price seems a little high here to me, but with proper development it could wind up being a steal.

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