Either you are pro .co or you are not. There’s been a lot of debate going on whether or not .co is going to be valuable in years to come or if it is going to turn into another .mobi. And with the one year period coming up now we’ll see if domain owners renew their .co’s or let them drop… and if they drop, how much people are willing to pay for them.

The first LLL.co auction (that I viewed) on Namejet just ended.? It was for TSA.co.? TSA has become a popular acronym with all the bodily searches going on at the airports and there’s a ton of searches for it.? What price did the cash register ring up at Namejet for it?? $225.

Am I surprised?? No.? We’ve heard about premium .co domains selling recently in the $10k-20k range where if it was a .com it would be mid six figures into the millions for the same domains.? And do you think the $30 annual fee (or whatever it is) will help?

What I find ironic is that the best domain extension is also one of the cheapest ones around.? Why does .co, .tv, and others think they can charge more then the .com extension does?? If I had $1,000 today that I wanted to speculate with I could buy 100 .com domains, or 33 .co domains.? You tell me.

5 comments on “LLL.co Auction Ends on Namejet… What Was it Worth?

  • I’ve just renew my premium LLL.co and will drop non LLL, looking at tsa.co for the end price so low, I suppose that nobody wants a TSA, how can you make profits from it? goverment airport security check will sue you opening a business on their name, FBI and homeland security is no game here, just avoid these kind of name. Now if a company other than the official TSA have the same acronyme than he might want to get it but even so, better to full name it or people will think of TSA stuff.

  • I would buy .co. There are no handregistered .com left that are worth speculating on. Otherwise, I would pick up some .coms off the drop.

  • @Scott

    True, but I think if you go to register them for more then 1 year they jack up the price to full price.


    With so many people in an uproar about the TSA I’m sure someone could make a small informational site or news aggregator about it and throw some ads on it. I’d guess there are also companies out there using those letters.


    He is busy fighting for the .co registry on TheDomains blog comment section.


    If you can speculate correctly there is money to be made. If you saw the ‘cloud’ revolution coming before it came I’m sure you’d be holding some valuable property right about now.

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