There’s 8 minutes left in Sedo’s Great Domains auction for March. I did a quick filter to show only .com domains that had no numbers or hyphens. There’s 83 of them and as of right now only 26 of them have a bid. I expect this sort of number (or worse) for the Snapnames special auctions which usually have decent domains but high reserves which scares away any bidders. But in my experience Sedo doesn’t allow reserves that are too crazy. I think this is more of a quality (or lack thereof) thing. I stopped submitting domains to the GreatDomains auction a while ago because they either told me that my reserve was too high or that the name was not of ‘high enough quality’ but clearly their standards have become a little lax (or nobody is submitting because Sedo alienated them like they alienated me). At any rate if you’re interested you have 5 minutes left now (yes, this took me 3 minutes to type) to bid.

One comment on “Maybe Sedo’s GreatDomains Should Get a Little More Picky

  • i remember when great domains actually had great domains.
    and sedo selling on average 1.6 million in domains a week while listing over 16 million domains… that’s a bit under 10 cents a domain a week. (of course that’s not counting their 20% commission plus transfer fees) i guess what i’m saying is that SEDO sucks. of course that’s JMO… other opinions may differ.

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