Two days ago I had mentioned I purchased a 24 hour ‘sponsored headline’ spot on Cost was $100 and since the 24 hours is up I figured it would be interesting to see what kind of traffic I got for my $100.

I received the following traffic:

77 visitors directly from

22 visitors from the newsletter that gets sent to Domaining member’s email

4 visitors from another blog that displays the headlines on its site

Now I did get some direct navigation type in traffic but I can’t give credit to this ad since direct navigation traffic could come from anywhere.

I also found out something interesting while playing around in Google Analytics… I saw a few visits from some .Edu sites. I checked them out and they are linking to in relation to Leadership. Not exactly what this site is about but I’m won’t complain about some unique high quality .Edu backlinks.

So I paid $1 per visitor in the end. I thought I would get significantly more traffic then this (I was thinking in the 1,000 visitor range) but I obviously was way off base. Live and learn.

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