I’ve seen a lot of press in domaining blogs about Epik and their domain development platform.? I won’t get into the back and forth that certain bloggers are having, nor will I get into the validity of Epik’s system, but I will briefly talk about my experience with them.? I contacted Epik about a domain name that I own which is a generic one word keyword, incentives.net.? To me this is a pretty solid domain.? A few different ways you could use this domain.? Definitely not a 6 word, random, obscure, piece of crap domain.? So my agreement with Epik is they would develop the site, we had a strike price on the domain, and an agreement over how the sale would work and who gets what.? I waited a month for them to develop something on my site.? Never happened.? Reading other bloggers you will find that Epik’s development is not too in-depth or complex.? A month is an extremely long time to develop something using their system (which should take a week in my estimation).

I emailed the Epik guys (3 different guys whose emails I had, Cliff, Luke, and Rob) and asked them how long development takes.? I waited 3 weeks without a reply (you would think out of 3 guys someone would be able to write the 10 second reply to me).? I then emailed them back and told them I did not receive a response to my question from 3 weeks ago.? I got a quick reply (same day) from Rob saying “We’ll fast-track the Phase-1 site for the next 48 hours while working on the longer-range plan.”? Good, they were going to get cracking on it quickly… or so I thought.? That response from Rob was on October 6th.? It is now November 7th and my site still has nothing on it.

In the world of business once you lose my trust you lose my business.? It has been close to 3 months since I’ve pointed my nameservers to Epik’s and waited for something to happen.? A “48 hour fast track” has gone 30 days with nothing to show for it.? My domain has made me $0 over this time because of Epik’s lack of reasonable timeliness.? At the absolute least, if there was a delay I would have expected an email telling me there was a snag.? Again, I’m not sitting here with a $10 domain name, maybe I am not their #1 priority but my domain name should be in their top 10% in terms of quality domain names that they are working on.? I shouldn’t be ignored or pushed aside and this is how I feel by horrid response time and lack of delivery.? I was promised one thing and delivered nothing.

As such, I just emailed all 3 of Epik’s aforementioned guys and told them I want my contract with them nulled due to them not keeping up their end of the bargain.? They lost my trust and now they lost my business.? The only question I have now is how long will it takes them to rip up the contract, a month, a year, or a decade.

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  • Epik is the worst domain register, after a year they want for a domain name 3x the price of it. if i would now it , i would never register it there, as i registered it it was other company(or atleat name) i got no reply form them at all ( its 3weeks now)

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