I’m bullish on Marijuana/Pot/Weed/Cannabis/Bud related domain names. I’ve accumulated a very nice collection of Geo+Keyword.com domains in this niche, domains like ColoradoPot.com, ColoradoWeed.com, DenverWeed.com, etc… (over 100 of these) as well as some brandable domains in this niche and some geo dispensary domains (Geo+Dispensary.com). I’ve won quite a few of these at the usual auction places (Namejet, Snapnames, GoDaddy) when they came up and I’ve won them for very reasonable prices which says I’m either ahead of the curve in my thinking or I’ll be disappointed in the future, only time will tell.

As the legal market for the product is not established yet inquiries have been slow so far, but this was to be expected. What is nice though is that I can see firsthand that people are starting to come around by the number of inquiries I receive. I sold a Geo+Dispensary.com earlier in the year and I’m in the process of selling a brandable domain (Escrow.com is clearing the funds as I type) for four figures. I’ve received multiple offers on ColoradoPot.com and ColoradoWeed.com throughout the year but none of them have been the right offer. Between the two sales that I do have this year in this niche I have a few years of renewals paid for my Marijuana portfolio which presents me with a forward risk free opportunity.

I’ve had a few conversations with friends and the sentiments on these domains are mixed, but here’s the thing, if you don’t take any chances with your domaining you can’t reasonably expect to have the possibility of hitting a home run.

6 comments on “My First Marijuana/Weed/Pot Domain Name Sale

  • Whether it works out or not, it sounds like you’re speculating the right way. As long as you can sell a domain or two every year to cover renewals, there’s no harm in seeing what happens.

  • I own a few .coms related to the marijuana industry and was approached by a gentleman requesting a list and price. He states he owns over 6600 related domains. I feel as though he is not willing to pay what I believe is a fair market price so he never responded back. CannFind.com for example. I see potential to compete with weedmaps.com Am I missing something?

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