These are my value picks for the current auction.? These are not necessarily the best domain names in the auction (there are some great names in there but I don’t think they will come close to selling with very high reserves) so this list is for domains that either have met reserve or I believe will meet reserve and have good value for a purchaser. : Current bid $2,101 Euros : Reserve $1,000-$4,999 Euros : Current Bid $2,000: Reserve already met : Current Bid $888 : Reserve Range $500-$999 : Current Bid $343 : Reserve already met

Yup, that’s it.? There’s other killer domains in here, but you rarely see GreatDomains auctions get up into the price ranges so they didn’t make my list.? Reserve $100k-$250, $500k-$1M, $100k-$250k.

There’s also some nice domains in the $25k-$50 reserve range but seeing as they are nowhere near the reserve price right now I’m not sure how likely it is that they will sell.

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