I always follow a lot of auctions on Namejet, one that I’m surprised at is that GayPride.com has a bid of $20k and there’s a reserve on it and it has not been met yet. Here’s the list…

My Top 5 Picks

SmokingPipe.com – nice domain, lots of big names in history are famous for having a smoking pipe.

FlightServices.com – nice name for the airline industry, a lot of them have got to improve their flight services.

LeadClick.com – great name for an affiliate site, just has that sound to it.

isfb.com – when I see it the FB reminds me of Facebook. There’s also a couple of places that use this acronym in other extensions.

1800Leads.com – can’t be a real number obviously but it is a real brandable. Tons of different lead generation needs that people have online, mortgage, insurance, gym membership, selling cars, etc…

My 5 Picks with Less Than 10 Bidders

MultiSitePress.com – has the sound of a WordPress plugin that let’s you edit all your sites at once (updating to latest WordPress version or updating your plugins, etc…)

Themeway.com – people who own (or want to start) a theme site are always looking for great domains to launch it on. I just sold one for a 25x bagger.

TeaSupply.com – people who like tea love tea. I know a few of them. Funny thing is they will buy anything/everything to try it at least once.

FeatureOffers.com – solid name for a site that consolidates the daily deals from Groupon, Living Social, etc… I know there’s a bunch but if you market it right…

ReviewedMovies.com – you could start your own RottenTomatoes on this domain.

My Darkhorse Pick (a domain I think you can snatch cheap and sell for over $1,000)

UploadPlus.com – I think following the final outcome of the MegaDownload ruling, the download/upload domain values will increase if Kim Dot Com is found innocent.

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