It’s the day after Christmas so as a late present we’ll take a look at the best auctions coming up in the next 30 days. I love doing this and seeing the creme of the crop, good times to be had by all. If sold for $2.5 million how much will sell for? Here’s today’s list…

My Top Picks – I think there will be tons of bidders throwing out four figures and maybe five figures for this one. Lots of end users in the food niche. – great name, quite a few photo sites could benefit from owning this. – need to have some of this if you want to make money in the domain name game. – one of the only types of stores I don’t mind browsing in for more than 20 minutes. – solid five figure domain name. – great product domain name, this is an instant storefront if you want it to be. – another strong .net. Lots of jewelry sellers online. – could make a killer brandable blog done by an electronics expert. – people want to know how to reinvest their profits. This site could tell them how. – every dentist would love to own this domain seeing how much these things cost. – another big .net domain, would you rather own or

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  • No, is better for “real estate investing”, not “reinvesting”. RE is a common abbreviation for “real estate”.

    Also, would be superior to Get it instead.

    Lastly, would be superior to Get it instead.

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