Finally Friday is here. Got some nice plans for tomorrow so looking forward to the weekend. I was watching the GreatDomains auction yesterday and I always laugh to myself because in every auction there’s always idiots doing idiotic things. Example, yesterday the domain was in the auction, reserve was $500,000-$999,999 and yet a few people were bidding on it… until it hit around $10,000. What the heck is the point? Hello McFly! Here’s the list…

 You can click on any of the domain names to be taken to its auction page.

My Top 5 Picks – a name everyone will recognize. What wonder people would do in a public area on the web. – definitely need more of this, I read an article yesterday about people getting their condos “stolen” and it was legal and it was just totally insane. You can read the story here – people do this, not sure why. Why would you lease and create value on someone else’s domain name. That’s like borrowing someone else’s land and building a store. If/when that lease ends you just created all that value not for yourself but for someone else. – it’s a struggle finding good domains for today’s list and as a result here is – let’s move on the to under 10 bid list which I hope is better than this one.

My 5 Picks with Less Than 10 Bidders – like the word, not sure about with this extension, could sell excess/surplus tv’s if there’s such a thing. – people get paranoid about viruses on the web nowadays. Anything with the word ‘secure’ makes them feel warm and fuzzy. – good name if you sell tents. – music teacher could use this name if you couldn’t tell. – a blog about esthetically pleasing creations of food, I’m sure the foodies would love it.

My Darkhorse Pick (a domain I think you can snatch cheap and sell for over $1,000) – do a search on how many questions please ask about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc… per day. It is an astronomical figure of traffic you’d be targeting.

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