I’ve read quite a few posts, comments, etc… about the TRAFFIC auction and the domain quality and prices. I read Rick’s post and there’s a point in there I disagree with. He was saying that FanClub.com had a high bid of $37,500 (which did not meet reserve) and that was very low and that domain is worth a ton more. I disagree. And I think by nobody else bidding higher than $37.5k you can assume all the big name domainers there disagree too. A lot of those guys have deep pockets, they’ve been in the business a long time, and they’re pretty smart. If there was a “steal” or big potential I’d bet my bottom dollar that at least one of them (if not multiple) would jump all over a domain. FanClub.com is a nice domain… to an end user. The auction was filled with domainers who are resellers and $37,500 was a fair price for a reseller. It would be a hard domain to monetize unless you do a ton of work to become the official fanclub site for a bunch of celebs or something along those lines. So it isn’t an easy sell where you’d have a lot of end users that would be interested right off the bat.

Also, I get Rick’s point that hotel connections are unrealiable and that’s why there’s no online bidding, but I think until there is online bidding a lot of people aren’t going to submit their good domains with reasonable reserves. Why would they when they can submit it to Sedo’s GreatDomains monthly auction where it will be able to be bid on from thousands of people instead of a couple hundred. Here’s the list…

My Top 5 Picks

Unit.org – some would think storage unit, rental unit, my friends from high school refer to their junk as a unit.

RentSuites.com – there’s a few hotel chains with “Suites” in their name.

Motorboard.com – nice product domain or a forum about motors.

OldGear.com – this domain sounds like a place for an online swap meet to sell their old stuff. Actually that’s a pretty good idea.

Sprinkle.net – chocolate sprinkles are my fav.

My 5 Picks with Less Than 10 Bidders

SEOmarketer.com – nice domain and a big market to sell it to.

Zencast.com – using the word “zen” in a business name is becoming dare I say a little trendy nowadays, wonder what people would show on their zencast.

SellMyHouse.org – I think this domain has amazing branding potential for a realtor.

SwissTimes.com – an online newspaper dedicated to cheese, love it!

ValuePress.com – sounds like a neat WordPress plugin. Coincidentally, Plugin.com did not sell at the TRAFFIC auction, I think I read the reserve was $50k.

My Darkhorse Pick (a domain I think you can snatch cheap and sell for over $1,000)

TorrentUp.com – now you could make an offer on Torrent.com (it is listed in GoDaddy marketplace). I already did but the reply I got was something along the lines of “I paid $XXX,XXXX for it”. A lot of people don’t understand that domain names can depreciate in a bad market and think what they paid in an upswing is what it is still worth. Anywho, TorrentUp seems like a nice brandable.

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