I mentioned yesterday that I was in the process of acquiring two domain names and both transactions have completed so today I can talk about them. My rule of thumb is to never talk about a transaction until it is complete because you never know if there’s a shady character out there who is going to try to contact the owner and get them to sell the domain to them instead of finish the transaction with you. I mentioned a week or so ago that I was very bullish on the legalization of marijuana/pot/weed and I purchased a lot of domains relating to this. This past week I was able to acquire ColoradoPot.com and ColoradoWeed.com. Both will be parked until I develop a game plan for them or I get an attractive offer. It will be about a year before the state works out the growing/distribution/selling laws. I think the market will be huge and I would expect it to generate significant revenue from both residents and from people in nearby states who wander over for a visit. Here’s today’s list…

My Top 5 Picks

xerver.com – there’s some software products out there with this as its name so maybe that is why some people are bidding on it… unless you think it will get traffic from being a typo of Server.

shen.com – has an Asian sound to it, 4 letters, and is pronounceable.

prontoloans.com – if you want people to think they can get a loan very quickly this is a good brand to develop.

copenhagenrestaurants.com – good domain to tell travelers where the best eats are there.

magicalmoments.com – this is the type of name you buy, sit on, and when a company has a marketing campaign they’ll come calling.

My 5 Picks with Less Than 10 Bidders

teenline.com – if you’re a teen and need a friend you can find other teens in need also on the teenline… (only $1.99 for the first minute and $0.99 for every minute thereafter).

greenarcade.com – everyone is going green… would a environmentally responsible arcade do well? Ehhhhh…

beached.com – only use I can think of is when people talk about a beached whale… so you’d need to turn this into a brand.

smartfleet.com – the new age car rental brand when the driver won’t need to drive.

hitsunlimited.com – good name if you sell traffic.

My Darkhorse Pick (a domain I think you can snatch cheap and sell for over $1,000)

lendingpros.com – I wonder if someone died and all their lending/loan/mortgage names are expiring because there has been a lot of decent ones lately.

3 comments on “Namejet’s Best Upcoming Auctions – Friday Edition & My 2 Latest Acquisitions

  • Nice pick-ups!

    I live in Colorado and let me tell you — EVERYONE is excited about the revenue potential out here… well, everyone in the Boulder area.

    I’m a member of a business referrals group with individuals aging from 27 (me) to mid 60s. People have been very excited about what this means for business.

    From commercial real estate agents to interior designers — there’s gonna be a lot of money made in this industry.

  • I picked up GrowHouse.com on Namejet this week. I also live in Colorado. I am pretty pumped about this purchase despite the fact that I have never smoked. Any ideas for GrowHouse.com let me know. I am thinking something like a directory of grow houses or an ecommerce supply site selling grow house equipment. Cheers. Craig.

    • Nice pickup! Definetly like the idea of selling equipment. You can add a directory as a secondary feature. Maybe some instructional articles also as a secondary feature to get some organic traffic.

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