A couple notable sales that happened recently through Namejet. AdultBusiness took home $6,600, Poland.org took home what I think is a very low price of $9,100, MyDNA.com scored $8,600 while ReallyGood.com surprising (at least to me) sold for $8,300. And if you’re interested in how .co is doing, I know you every once in a while see a big sale reported, but I think those are the exceptions, here’s some reality; faces.co $69, raft.co $59, plugin.co $120, counsel.co $120, hooker.co $70, housewife.co $70, and the big winner from what I’ve seen at Namejet is Alert.co which took home a whopping $309. Yes, those are the prices they sold for. Here’s the list…

My Top 5 Picks

3994.com – the double 9’s here will make this one sell in the $1,500 range even though it ends with a 4.

Splogs.com – there’s blogs, vlogs, and if you can popularize splogs then you’ll hit a homerun with this domain name.

BackgroundChecks.org – high paying CPA niche. The .org makes it sound more official.

ManageYourWealth.com – good domain name to cater to people who have money to be managed. Give them tips on how to invest or grow their nest egg.

FDJ.org – LLL.org domains have been selling well on Namejet. MIM.org just closed at over $2k the other day.

My 5 Picks with Less Than 10 Bidders

Cognac.info – not a fan of the liquor but it is well recognized and rappers love to mention it in their songs.

JFK.info – uh oh, back to back .info domains. This one I had to mention because JFK was one of the most popular presidents and I think because of that the domain’s value is increased.

FastWomen.com – where were they all when I was a teenager?

Akeem.com – a quick Google search will show you a bunch of sports players with the first name of Akeem. Try selling it to one of them, how many guys in the locker room can brag that they own their firstname.com ?

eCritter.com – sounds like a techy stuffed animal or a game of a bunch of furry guys.

My Darkhorse Pick (a domain I think you can snatch cheap and sell for over $1,000)

TagMedia.com – there’s actually quite a few companies that have this as their name or as part of their name. Risk $69… possible loss $69, possible gain $XXXX.

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