I was going to hire an assistant to help me find potential end users to contact and then I decided it would be quicker, easier, and cheaper to hire a programmer to develop a desktop app for me and I just got my hands on it last night and it will definitely allow me to ramp up contacting end users. Start the app, enter a keyword, wait 60 seconds and out comes an Excel file with the email addresses of any natural search result websites or websites that placed an ad on the first two pages of Google’s results for that keyword. So I had last night all set to start using this app to start searching for end users for some domains I recently picked up, and then the St. Louis Cardinals game happened. What a game. If you didn’t see it, watch the top of the 9th inning in its entirety, not just the highlights. Here’s the list…

My Top 5 Picks

TabletSkin.com – I don’t think there’s been a tablet skin boom yet but with them continuing to grow in popularity it will be coming soon as everyone wants their tablet to be unique.

Flagging.com – all the airports could list the jobs for those flagging guys on the runways, or could be a service for people who will Flag posts on craigslist of your competitors.

WhosOnline.com – people always want to know who’s online when they are online.

TaxiApp.com – they may already have taxi apps but you can own the domain.

CreditExperts.com – explain the credit scoring formula to people, tell them how to build credit, explain why credit is important, and most importantly, put some credit card CPA offers up on this domain.

My 5 Picks with Less Than 10 Bidders

DigitalPreviews.com – good domain to put movie previews up on, or a review site of digital products.

TrueGuts.com – sounds like a movie. Could be an ad for the army.

PepperSprays.net – you can sell them in all 32 varieties of eye stinging flavors.

ThePromotion.com – sounds very official, there’s got to be a big company somewhere wanting to run a big time promotion and this is a great domain to do it on.

IRAadvice.com – amazing how many people don’t understand saving and getting financial set for their retirement. This financial domain can give them advice while putting up some well paying CPA offers.

My Darkhorse Pick (a domain I think you can snatch cheap and sell for over $1,000)

PimpMyTruck.com – I know you used to watch “Pimp My Car” on MTV so you can create an online version with trucks.

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