Lots of bickering going on over what people put on their blogs. If you don’t like a blog because they put a “list” of domains on it then don’t visit that blog, it’s as simple as that. The only reason someone would complain about this is solely because that blog is on Domaining.com. If the blog was not there the complainers would not be complaining, which goes to show the complaining is solely based on people’s perception of entitlement and the thought that someone is going to “steal” affiliate commission that someone else thinks they deserve instead. If you can’t handle competition than go sit in a corner and thumbwrestle with yourself, you’ll win everytime.

Domaining has a cool feature where each person can edit what blogs show up, so if someone finds reading a list useful or entertaining than they can read it, if not then they can block it (it only takes 2 seconds and lasts a lifetime). I would not appreciate anyone telling me what I could or could not write about. Surprisingly I did get an email from a domain blog owner about a week after I started writing my own list. He was complaining about my writing lists which was totally immature. Who does someone think they are to tell someone else what they can or cannot write about on their own site? Grow up. I personally find lists useful, I used to read them on some blogs especially on days when I didn’t have time to try to sort through auction sites and find good domains myself. Here’s the list…

 You can click on any of the domain names to be taken to its auction page.

I also did a post the other day with 222 domains that looked pretty good and only had 1 bid on them (at the time of publication). You can check out that list HERE if you want to.

My Top 5 Picks

Audiomixer.com – nice product domain or could be a social network for DJ’s.

NutritionShake.com – I’m a bidder here, great product domain about a product I know about and have used before. Lots of money in supplements, look at the “4 Hour Work Week” dude (or whatever it is called).

MyAngel.com – sounds like it would make a nice tribute site, where people could post about nice deeds that someone else did for them. Or there is a toilet paper company called AngelSoft I think. Yeah, wide variety of uses.

PrebuiltHouses.com – I think prefabs is a more popular way of calling them, but still a nice descriptive domain name.

CookBlog.com – I’d much prefer CookingBlog but this one is still good and will be much cheaper.

My 5 Picks with Less Than 10 Bidders

NewJerseyAutoRepair.com – only 4 bidders, I had to make sure it wasn’t a typo or spelled wrong.

WaterTrader.com – I think one day there is going to be such a job as the population keeps growing and water supply decreases. Remember in the movie WaterWorld when dirt was the most valuable thing.

SpinMachine.com – there are actually quite a few products called or referred to as the spin machine.

DrLeon.com – somewhere out there there’s a Dr. Leon. He’s probably loaded and might want this domain.

StudentBookShop.com – every year students need books, and every year they cost more and more.

My Darkhorse Pick (a domain I think you can snatch cheap and sell for over $1,000)

PornoToolbar.com – a toolbar that searches all those free porn sites and return videos from each in one concise results page, million dollar idea.

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