Taking a look today at the auctions that are upcoming within the next 30 days, and this list of 10 domains easily holds over $100k in sales if/when these domains hit the auctions block. I like to do this once every week or two so that I can see what killer domain auctions are on the horizon so I can make sure to save some cash for them. The last thing I want to do is spend my cash on decent domains when great domains are upcoming. Here’s the list…

My Top Picks

PriceMatch.com – how many travel sites would love to own this, I bet Priceline.com would.

Jupo.com – great CVCV.com that is sure to bring upper four figures.

Modifications.com – good domain for car modifications, home modifications, web theme modifications, etc…

Programs.com – best one on the list, mid-five figure domain at Namejet auction me thinks.

Onb.com – lots of potential end users out there for this LLL.com.

00.net – talk about rare number domains, I’m not the biggest number domain collector out there but even I know this one is huge.

2013.com – how much is next year worth? Maybe we’ll find out.

LEA.com – first name, good letters for acronyms, easily five figures.

Yin.com – the Yang is over rated anyways so you’ll do fine with just the Yin.

OnlineTaxSoftware.com – I think Turbo Tax, H&R Block, and others would like this domain.

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