If you only check out one list this week this is the list to do it. 13 super strong domains, I took a quick guesstimate and I think the selling price of the 13 will easily be over $150k so cash in those savings bonds and buy the generic tissues this week so you can have the cash to pick up some of these guys. Here is today’s list…

Today we’re looking at domain auctions that are coming up on the horizon. I always do this once or twice a month so that I can place my bid so that I don’t risk the chance of possibly missing it in the future, and so that I know what kind of budget I’m going to need in case I need to cut back on buying today so that I have funds to spend tomorrow.

nye.com – New York E… fill in the blank, entertainment, eateries, everything, expositions, eggs… well, maybe not eggs.

pethotels.com – you know that sending your dogs to a ‘pet hotel’ is pretty damn expensive. I checked around locally when I went on vacation last and they wanted $1,400 for 2 dogs for 7 days.

pooltables.org – great keyword domain, high paying affiliate product.

giftsonline.com – people are always looking for gifts online, give them good ideas through your affiliate link.

shen.com – 4L pronounceable domain name, might have Asian meaning as it kinda sounds Asian.

doa.com – aka dead on arrival. Could also be Department Of A… Nice LLL.com.

seoformula.com – if anyone has the precise formula please email me.

familyphotos.com – big name, lots and lots of end users for this guy.

dmains.com – if you want to start a domain blog this is a nice domain to do it on.

financialinvestments.com – great domain for a financial services firm to own

searchmobile.com – mobilesearch might be better but I think this one is pretty darn good too.

ambitious.com – go site for one of you go getters to own.

gasstations.com – great domain name if you want to do one of those sites that compares prices across the country at gas stations. People actually use that to find the cheapest gas around them. Doesn’t matter if they save $0.01 per gallon, they are willing to drive 10 miles to save that penny (I don’t think they get the math).

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