I am watching the premium .info domain auctions going on at GoDaddy right now and pretty surprised by some of these high bids going on but also happy with a recent pickup of mine (you can see the Godaddy auction HERE). I purchased Pawn.info recently and seeing what is going on at the GoDaddy auction I should have a pretty decent flip on my hands when I try to sell it.

I am also watching an auction on Namejet for Trumpet.com and I find it interesting. It is a reserve auction meaning it is not an expired auction but rather someone listed this domain for sale. Namejet in my opinion is primarily used by domainers and so the reserve price on reserve domains should be priced with this in mind. Trumpet.com is at $50,000 but it still has not met reserve. Anyone have any feelings/feedback on the Namejet reserve auctions and how they are going? Here is today’s list…

My Top 5 Picks

getproof.com – great name for a private investigator or for computer monitoring software that tracks what the person using the computer is doing. You’ll get good brand recognition in the divorce courts.

oolo.com – this domain looks funny doesn’t it, but I have a soft spot for unique LLLL.com domains.

hm.info – there’s the well know clothing store H&M. They already own HM.com but maybe they’d like this one too.

speedscan.com – offer a site that gives a visitor a free virus speed span of their computer, when complete and the results are provided upsell them on buying the full version.

meing.com – for the vain person who is always about ‘me me me’.

My 5 Picks with Less Than 10 Bidders

animestores.com – I’m not a fan of anime but tons of people are, nice domain to sell them some products on.

scarlett.org – I have to say that I’m pretty surprised by what I consider the strong prices that .org’s are selling for on Namejet. The force is strong with this TLD.

bawn.com – what happens when you burp and you yawn at the same time?

caconstruction.com – I’d guess that a construction company in California wouldn’t mind owning this guy.

childcustody.net – would make a good site about child custody laws and how to win child custody. I’m sure a lot of divorcing parents would be visiting. Upsell them on your GetProof.com product.

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