Taking a look ahead today and there’s some really nice domains coming up for auction in the next 30 days so if you see something on today’s list you like start saving for it today. I’m going hard after three of the domains on today’s list and I’d be happy if I could land two of them, already got good game plans for them. Here’s today’s list…

My Top Picks

seatingchart.com – every arena has one, put them all online in one place.

notifying.com – could be an online message service, put down everyone’s birthday and it will send you a text the day before someone’s birthday to remind you.

sluk.com – combination of slut and luck is the first thing I thought of… a lucky slut?

cuvs.com – reminds me of a domain I own, cuvu.com.

moneyonline.com – good domain name for an internet marketing blog or an online jobs bulletin board.

on8.com – sounds like a domain news channel 8 would want.

inches.com – good name for a male enhancement site, ehhhh.

ching.com – there’s no “cha” but still sounds like money to me.

ring-tones.com – don’t mind the fact that there’s a hyphen here because I think the keywords are good enough to withstand it.

drdavid.com – there’s got to be thousands of Dr. David’s in the world and if they are doctors they should be wealthy and if they are wealthy they can afford this domain.

insured.net – anything to do with the insurance niche is worth a look.

stopp.com – if you have a clever use for the extra ‘p’ then this is a solid domain.

cousins.com – not sure how to monetize this but I still love the domain.

authorization.com – good domain for a biometric security company or so you’d think.

marketvalues.com – there’s already Trulia or Zillow which give you their guesstimate on the housing market values but this domain name is better.

bursts.com – one word domain, not sure what I’d do with it other then a funny picture site.

juggs.com – gotta love a nice pair of juggs, one for the white wine and one for the red wine.

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