If you believe in the .CO you will love today’s list. Best list of .co domain auctions I have seen and many have ZERO bidders. This is your best chance to pick up some premium .co’s on the cheap and attempt to flip them. Here’s the list…

My Top 5 Picks

3dl.com – Like it cause it starts with 3d. Remember when 3d.com was sold by Sedo for something like $500k (which seemed low to me given the potential), well I just checked it out and it is parked with Sedo. Do people really spend half a million to park a domain?

SeaRider.com – product and a name that is found in a few possible end user’s company’s names.

LOLr.com – I like this domain for a funny pictures site. I might get it if the price is right.

Bostan.com – some people pronounce Boston like this.

BetForum.com – gambling will be legalized (along with pot) sooner or later. The government is greedy and they are losing the ability to regulate and tax this industry.

My 5 Picks with Less Than 10 Bidders

Prize.co – this is the best of the long list of .co’s on today’s list. I might even bid on this guy.

Breathe.co – every does it every day all day forever.

Forest.co – lots of end users that have forest in their name.

Glasgow.co – nice geo domain.

Thing.co – another .co….

My Darkhorse Pick (a domain I think you can snatch cheap and sell for over $1,000)

Console.co Motion.co Yummy.co Yorkshire.co wardrobe.co Waterbed.co Underdog.co Torch.co Sponge.co SoundSystem.co Ratings.co RateMe.co Opticians.co Pawned.co Pinups.co MemoryCards.co Keith.co Indexed.co Goldfish.co Grand.co Groom.co Grooms.co GymClass.co Handmade.co HappyHour.co Headquarters.co ForexTrader.co FoodCritic.co eCigarette.co DigitalMusic.co CoffeeShop.co CamGirls.co CarKeys.co – almost all of these have zero bids on them, good chance if you want to try to pick up a premium .co domain on the cheap and flipping it. Haven’t seen a list of .co’s this good since the initial landrush.

2 comments on “Namejet’s Best Upcoming Auctions – Tuesday Edition

  • Not having seen a list this good since landrush should be a major red flag on why people are dropping these like hot potatoes.

    It is a very illiquid market in .co.

    • I’m not a fan of the .co domains. I would only consider picking up a premium one and only at a very low price. But other people think differently. Toby Clement’s newsletter that came out today had Consoles.co for sale at $4,000 and I know Toby usually does not let domains run in his newsletter unless he thinks the price is somewhat reasonable… yet Console.co is in my list today with what was initially zero bids (now up to 3 bids). All depends on what side of the .co fence you sit on.

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