When I put together a domain list each day I am trying to pick out 11 domains that I think people would find value in. Sometimes I put a comment about how the domain could be used, or a snarky little comment meant to be funny (though maybe it’s only funny to me), or something to provide some form of entertainment. Yes, you could easily scan things yourself but some days we are short on time and seeing a list of what someone thinks is valuable is a quick and easy way to get your bids in on the domain in under 60 seconds. There’s only one exception when I hold back a domain and don’t share it on the list, and that is when I find something I really want that has zero bidders on it. For those domains I do what any smart person should do, I wait until 10:58 and I put my bid in then. This happens maybe 3 or 4 times a month.

I usually throw a bid on at least a few domains in my list every day and I’ve won domains on my list before. Why list domains that I like? Well, I’m not Bill Gates so I do have a budget and can’t buy everything I want. If you don’t benefit from reading my list you don’t need to come here, but the list does provide benefits to others who either enjoy seeing a quick list of handpicked domains and/or enjoy my witty banter. I have been emailed before by people thanking me for putting a domain on the list that they ended up winning because they didn’t catch it when they scanned Namejet themselves. Here’s the list…

My Top 5 Picks

WinterSport.com – I don’t like winter sports myself but a lot of people do, sell it to Ski manufacturer.

InstantSmile.com – nice name for a dentist or orthodontist to buy, they’ll get a cheesy grin out of it.

TheWill.com – put information on how to write your will, and sell templates for wills.

idt.org – three good letters, have seen a couple LLL.org domains sell for $2k+ recently.

Drums.info – product domain, good site to sell them on or to drop knowledge on.

My 5 Picks with Less Than 10 Bidders

NewsTrends.com – could be a site like Reddit but instead of pictures of cats being at the top of the list this list will be all newsworthy stuff, so maybe like Digg before Digg sucked.

Aod.info – not a big fan of LLL.info’s but there’s quite a few end users for these three letters.

Likelyhood.com – nice name for a statistical site, Likelyhood of Obama winning presidency, Likelyhood of a guy who’s a 5 scoring a chick who’s a 10, that type of stuff.

Wreaking.com – normally havoc follows wreaking, but I think it will do OK as a standalone.

HeadNurses.com – could be about what the job of head nurse is, or could be a porno site… think about it, got it?

My Darkhorse Pick (a domain I think you can snatch cheap and sell for over $1,000)

WorstHotel.com – there will be someone out there who has the experience from hell at a hotel and will want to memorialize it on this domain.

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