Today has got a lot of great domains coming up for auction, probably the strongest list I’ve seen so far this month. I’m a bidder on about half of the list so watch out. Here’s the list…

My Top 5 Picks – a nice pronounceable, the proxy bid is already at $800, curious to see what this one will bring. – single word product domain, I’ll be a bidder here. – best domain on the board today. Not sure how to monetize it but great name recognition. – eSurance made this name much more valuable as it shows you can launch a great brand on this type of domain. – nice call to action domain for what would be a very lucrative product if there is one around now or in the future.

My 5 Picks with Less Than 10 Bidders – could be a humor site, or information about stools (not the ones you sit on). – at first you think it is a so/so typo, I see it as a Fantasy Football site.. – what can you say, app domains are hot because apps are hot. – nice Geo realtor domain. – nice brandable domain, good for a viral type of site.

My Darkhorse Pick (a domain I think you can snatch cheap and sell for over $1,000) – Just checked and there’s a lot of end users with Amco as or in their business name. There’s only one dot com so you got opportunity to sell the the second best option.

7 comments on “Namejet’s Best Upcoming Auctions – Wednesday Edition

  • I’ve seen ‘realtor’ domains on your lists a few times now. Just a heads up to you and your readers… ‘Realtor’ is a pretty big trademark. Unless you are a realtor in Kansas I’d suggest avoiding the name above.

    • I haven’t done any research pertaining to this term, but it is a dictionary word so unless they are going to let someone trademark “cars” “lawyers” “insurance” etc… I would say you can win a UDRP. Again, just my 2 cents and not based on anything factual, just my opinion.

  • It’s not a dictionary word in the traditional sense. It is a word invented by the National Association of Realtors and if you aren’t a member in good standing they don’t let you use the word. Real Estate Agent is the generic term and not all real estate agents are realtors.

    It isn’t the same as cars, lawyers, or insurance like you suggest.

    • I’d think if it is in the dictionary it becomes a real world regardless of who created it, but I’ll defer to you or anyone else who knows more about it.

  • *

    Mike H is right.

    “Realtor” is NOT a dictionary word; it is a branded term.

    People mistakenly use it as a generic. The true generic term is “Real Estate Agent.”

    The Realtor TM holder is aggressive in protecting its mark, so you might want to reconsider including these on your lists.

    Otherwise, some new domainer might spend a lot of money and end up buying a heap of legal trouble.


    • Ok, I’ll avoid placing domains with this term on my list in the future or if I do put one I’ll put a notice to go along with it. Thanks all.

  • If you go to you’ll also find google as a dictionary entry. When you look up realtor you’ll find that it is categorized as a ‘collective mark’ and not a noun. I’m sure Merriam Webster will also list words like Kleenex and Band-Aid, but they are still TM’s even though we use them to describe generic products.

    Realtor wasn’t created and then trademarked as an after thought, they created the term to differentiate who was in the club and who was not.

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