Taking a look ahead today at the upcoming Namejet auctions over the next 30 days and I like what I see. This list has a little bit of everything for everyone and there’s some amazing domains here that I think will be ripe for quick flips. Here’s the list…

blunts.co – teach people how to roll’em up here

division.net – lots of uses, good word, lots of people to try to sell this to

iper.com – could be an IP site, could be a typo for Viper, could be?

localbeat.com – nice domain name for a local news site

camster.com – if you’re into the cam nice this is a brandable domain name

tvnc.com – me thinks TV North Carolina

platinumrewardscard.com – good affiliate commissions if you get people applying for the platinum cards (can be up to $100+ per application)

consumersreviews.com – might have an issue with Consumer Reviews on this domain, but it is two dictionary words

pooltables.org – great domain, great place to sell what it says

maidsnyc.com – people in NYC love maid services

ebookwriter.com – some people want to create an ebook product to sell but they are too lazy to write the ebook, enter EbookWriter

gaypride.com – popular phrase/movement/etc? this domain could be flipped to a number of people

keylargo.net – reminds me of the Beach Boys song

moneymakingideas.com – everyone and their mother are looking for these online, I’ll be a bidder here

rom.co – people want ram but rom is also important

customshirts.net – good domain for someone who does what it says

xeh.com – LLL.com, nothing more to say

xki.com – LLL.com, nothing more to say

networks.info – usually not a fan of the .info domains unless the keyword is sweet, this one is like sugar

uzw.com – LLL.com, nothing more to say

uxz.com – LLL.com, nothing more to say

marijuanapills.com – would people not buy these because it takes away the fun of smoking, or would they buy these people of the ease of convenience?

mit.co – everyone knows MIT

sirloinsteaks.com – tasty, yummy, juicy, beefy

helicoptercitytours.com – good domain for the service, lots of these are offered in major cities

cheapinsuranceplan.com – descriptive domain in a highly profitable niche

domainer.co – a domain only a domainer could love

lawncompany.com – these lawn guys always have the dumbest sounding websites plastered on the side of their trucks. Here’s a good domain that they could use

zavu.com – nice CVCV.com type domain, sounds catchy

8252.com – NNNN.com with two two’s

6110.com – repeating 1’s in this NNNN.com

ugga.com – pronounceable LLLL.com’s always hold good value

ppcnetwork.com – PPC will be around a long long time

smartbicycle.com – interesting to see the features when they come out with this product

babyfood.co – it is a .co but it is a huge keyword

purify.net – I’m actually looking for a new air purifier because my current one sucks

soulsearching.com – good site to get user generated content, ask people to post the content

lsk.net – nice LLL.net

minorities.com – the demographics are changing, the minorities of today will be the majorities of tomorrow

montreal.info – solid geo domain, even though it is a .info

netforum.com – could be a cool site but you need an idea for this one as I don’t have one

gamehelp.com – gamers have addictive personalities, offer them help here (I mean with the games)

whoisprotect.com – perfect domain for a whois protection service, charge something small like $2/year per domain and scale up the volume

willplanner.com – once people realize they are not immortal they begin to consider this

exploding.com – nice domain, I’m a bidder, videos of things getting blown up

tacy.com – pronounceable, LLLL.com, easy to remember? winner

esudoku.com – I never played this game but I’m in the minority here

xzv.com – LLL.com, nothing more to say

xyv.com – LLL.com, nothing more to say

minisite.com – great domain name for a minisite generation company, though Google’s updates are killing them

labl.com – trendy, or not? yeah, trendy I think

smokinglounge.com – offer smokers online a place to hang out with each other (novel concept, ehhhh)

the.org – other than an acronym domain not sure what “the” could represent

gupi.com – solid CVCV.com, buy for $1,000, flip for $3,000

newyorkcityhotels.org – nice .org here in a big target market

selfsufficient.com – I am, are you? Not sure what to do with this site though

topdietpill.com – descriptive domain in a niche that many people buy into

livebands.com – love it, I’m a bidder, would take a HUGE development job to do it right

4112.com – repeating 1’s make me think it’ll go for $1,500

znu.com – LLL.com, nothing more to say

zoj.com – LLL.com, nothing more to say

strawberrys.com – misspelling but could be brandable

mobilehistory.com – mobile is big, just like apps, cloud, & green

boatinsurers.com – great domain for a directory, sell placements on it

4345.com – two fours, ehhh, maybe a grand

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