We all add a backorder (or a few) at a point in time that later down the road we decide we no longer want. I have 30,531 domains on backorder at Namejet so it’s not really reasonable for me to go through them all and remove the ones I don’t want, so what I do is sort them by the dropping date and the ones that are dropping soon I will scan and if there happens to be one I no longer want I remove it. Pretty simple, except…

I have a backorder for a domain and I put the backorder in at $79 which is above the minimum bid of $69. I put this backorder in May of 2013. Things change, I no longer want the backorder, it was two years ago after all and I’m hopefully a little wiser now. But when I go to my backorders the option to select this domain in order to remove it is grayed out. Meaning I do not have the ability to remove this domain. There’s only 2 bidders and so there’s a 50/50 chance I’ll be throwing away $79 if I don’t remove the backorder. And to be clear, the auction has not started yet. It was days away when I contacted them.

So I reached out to Namejet’s Help Desk, key word here being “help”, asking them to remove this backorder because I no longer want it. They informed me that they can not remove the backorder and because the domain status is not “wish list” but rather “Pre-release” AND because my bid is above the minimum bid that I neither can remove it. Basically they are telling me there is no option to remove the backorder and I’m calling bullshit on them. I’ve always been pro-Namejet when I mention them previously on this blog because I like the site and the platform, so you would think they’d be a little more helpful and would value a customer who has used them for years and has over 30,000 backorders placed with them, but nope, that $79 backorder is more important to them than keeping me happy.

Poor customer service Namejet, very poor policy and again, very poor customer service. Hope the $79 is worth having a dissatisfied customer.

2 comments on “Namejet’s Help Desk Not Being Very Helpful

  • You should be allowed to remove a backorder at any point in time as long as it is before the expiration time. If by mistake I enter a backorder for $690 instead of $69 and the domain was in pending release status but still had 25 days to go they wouldn’t let me delete that backorder? That is not right.

  • For months their bulk backorder tool was broken. If you added a domain using the tool you already had on backorder, it would jumble the name and add a domain you DIDN’T want, and would then process the domain because the jumbled word was readily available. I had to fight to get them to refund as they refused to acknowledge the issue, and they finally fixed a few weeks ago. Since then, they have been very pleasant

    Also, Snapnames help desk customer service… WAY WORSE.

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