I’ve been making a few smaller domain purchases over the past few weeks, mostly through DNForum and a few drops on Namejet but this weekend I had the opportunity to buy a pretty solid domain, Dogsled.com, at auction and I did.? It is a 1997 register, is on first page of Google for “dog sled” and “dogsled” (both of which have good search volume according to Google’s Adwords tool) and has close to 2,000 high quality backlinks from relevant sites.? I’m not sure if this domain would get any direct navigation traffic, but I estimated how much organic traffic I believed it would get and used that figure to determine how much I was willing to bid on the domain.? With a developed site in place I could see the domain rising in the SERPS into the top 3 and driving even more traffic.

I plan on building out the site with a section for news and race results, a section for related items for purchase, a photo section for people to upload dogsled related photos, and a forum for discussion (at least it is my goal to build it out as such) so if by chance you are a dogsled fan you will be pleasantly surprised. ?? I know zilch about dogsledding so I’ll also learn some new stuff in the process.? I’ll post an update when the site is built up and look for some feedback about the look and layout of the site.

I also won a domain at auction on Sedo that I’m pretty jazzed about but will wait until the seller completes the transaction before I mention it.

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  • Just curious, do you have a regular job, or do you do this full time? You are a serious entrepreneur with this web business…has skills and money. Are you a one man show? Can you do a post and tell us more about your experience and where you are coming from? I am very interested in learning from you. I like your low key, stealth approach to this business.

  • @James

    I have a regular full time job in the world of Corporate Finance. My online work is done in my spare time. It provides a nice second income. I’ll do a post to give some tips on how to start from nothing and work your way up. I started with a hundred bucks and no knowledge, taught myself beginners web design with Dreamweaver (which I know true coders will laugh at) and then expanded my knowledge into monetizing domains based on CPA, keywords, Adsense, etc… and eventually into Domain names. I rarely flip domains, if someone offers a good return and I don’t have any brilliant ideas for developing the domain I’m happy to flip it. But I prefer to buy a domain and develop it. Love that passive income.

  • Thanks, I will look forward to your post.
    Is it possible to share with us some net income stats (ranges) from your over all web businesses for the past few years? I have no interest in anyone’s finance, but I am very curious what is the net income someone with your skill sets and tech/marketing knowledge can generate. Maybe you don’t want the whole world to know, but perhaps, you don’t mind share it with me at pooruncle @ gmail.com.

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