Auctioning off your domains can lead to some easy profit, cash flow, and help you understand how the niches you bought domains in are performing. You won’t hit that big end user price tag, but then again what percentage of domain sales really hit that anyhow. Anyone who has been reading the comments on domain related posts about the new gTLDs have seen a lot of the new gTLD domains that domainers have registered. From what I’ve seen 95% of them are garbage. Like a fish left out in the hot sun for a day garbage. They are domains I wouldn’t want to hand reg in .com. I think the majority of domainers are going to take a bath on their gTLD registrations. Have I registered gTLDs myself? Yes, I think to date I’ve registered 5 of them. They are all big keywords where the keyword makes sense with the extension.

I am not sending any of my domains to auction at this point in time. Not at Namejet, Snapnames, nor GoDaddy oh my. Who buys these domains at these auction places? Domainers of course, and with a lot of domainers throwing away money on crappy gTLD domains you know what that means? Less cash in their pocket to bid on auctions. Why send your domains to auction now when the size and purchasing power of the buying pool has decreased? Even if you send a domain to auction with a $5k reserve you might think you have no risk. That might be true, but you do risk having less potential upside. You may get that $5k today, or even above it, but it won’t go as far as it would of if the domainers still had all their gTLD cash in their hands. I personally am holding off until the end of the year at least before I start using the auction platforms to flip some domains. I think people will see it is not that easy to flip a garbage gTLD domain and the people who have been loose with their money in the beginning will start to tighten up later in the year.

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