I received an unusual email in my inbox yesterday.? I am on the Rick Latona’s emailing list and I received an email from Latona’s saying that they were looking to sell the domain Publish.com (on behalf of its owner) and they would be willing to share their commission with anyone who can bring a buyer to the table and complete a transaction.? The email also said the minimum asking price was $900,000.

I like the approach, Latona’s is leveraging their email list to help try to sell a domain but enticing people with a split of their commission.? I believe their commission is around 15% so at $900,000 that is $135,000 in commission and if you bring a buyer to the table they should give you AT LEAST half of that to be fair.? This is nice for the owner of Publish.com because he is getting increased exposure for his domain at no additional cost to him.? Good move by Latona’s.

What I don’t like here is the asking price.? $900,000 for Publish.com?? There was no mention in the email that any website was included, no mention that it was ranking well for some competitive keywords, etc…? So I am assuming it is a domain only sale they are offering.? What I like to do is compare this to other domain names that are (or recently were) for sale and what their prices were.? For this comparison I want to compare this to the domain CD.com which was for sale (being brokered by Latona’s) a month or two ago.? Its reserve price was $500,000 (so about half of the minimum price for Publish.com).

Which domain would you rather own?? CD.com or Publish.com?? Me personally, I would knock people over to get CD.com.? I think it is significantly more valuable, it can be used as either a music CD or a bank CD site, it is only 2 letters, and I think it will hold (or gain) value over the next few years.

So…? I think Latona’s is going this route because the asking price is a little out of whack.? Latona’s will need to use all their resources available to find someone who would consider listening to their pitch with this high of an asking price.? If I had to throw out an estimate for this domain I’d say it is $300k on a good day.

Only time will tell if I’m way off base or if the seller is asking for an unrealistic amount.

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