I’m pretty pissed about a shady and scummy tactic that one domainer attempted to pull on me.? I just posted it on DNForum which you can see here:? http://www.dnforum.com/f26/shady-dnforum-member-should-booted-off-dnforum-thread-450173.html

I’m not going to rewrite what I wrote in the thread so you can read the thread, but there is no place for this type of behavior in domaining.? Imagine if I was in a bind and needed money and depended on the money from that sale for something important in my life… and here this guy is playing scummy games.? I understand there are non-paying bidders, but what he did went beyond that, he purposely outbid other people so no one else could get the domain, and then tried to buy it through email if the winning bidder (which was him) didn’t end up paying for a fraction of the auction close price.

Emil – shame on you.? I hope Adam does the right thing and boots you off of DNForum.

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