If you’ve ever checked out the auction showcases on Snapnames.com you may have noticed a trend (I certainly have)…? The reserve prices on the auctions are usually high.? Not just high, but unrealistically high (in my opinion).? I just do not understand this.? Their unrealistically high reserves are substantiated by the fact that the majority of domains listed at auction on Snapnames never sell.

I enjoy checking out auction listings and seeing what is on the block, but each time I check out the Snapname auctions I find myself asking myself why I even bother.? Does Snapnames not have a person in charge of determining if a seller’s reserve price is realistic?? If not, they should.? After an auction ends, for every 50 domains listed I’d say they are lucky if 3 of them sell.? I believe this reflects poorly on no one other then Snapnames.? Sellers will ask for the moon and Snapnames needs to give them a reality check and make the reserve prices somewhere in the ballpark, otherwise potential buyers (like me) will eventually stop checking out their auctions.? I actually find myself getting angry when I see domains I would estimate to be worth $XXX having reserves in the $XXXX or $XXXXX range.?? It makes no sense that a company in the business would allow this each and every month.? WAKE UP SNAPNAMES!

On the other hand, Sedo’s GreatDomains.com auctions are very successful in terms of selling a good portion of the domains they have listed in each auction.? This is due to GreatDomains having a very stingy reserve price allowance.? I’ve submitted many domains in the past for a GreatDomains auction some of which I wouldn’t accept the low reserve price they told me I would need to allow so I had to remove them from the upcoming auction.

And speaking of things I don’t understand and get me riled up, how about those great domain names out there where the owner is not doing anything with it… I mean NOTHING!? I was checking out the GoDaddy auction section a while back and came across someone who listed Torrent.com.? What a great domain name, I’d guess it gets great type in traffic and if developed could become a site driving some big revenue.? I checked out what was on the site currently and (you guessed it) there was nothing.? The URL does not resolve.? How could someone own such a premium price of web realestate and at the absolute least not even park it?? They are missing out on hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month as a result.? I submitted an offer of $7,000 for the domain and waited to see what the seller came back with, but I did not even get a response.? But I guess that shouldn’t surprise me since this guy doesn’t have anything on the domain.

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