What is happening with some of the Snapnames pending delete domains?? One minute they are in my ‘backordered’ que and the next minute they are gone and I get an email from Snapnames telling me that the domain is for sale via Buy It Now style.? This happened on quite a few domains, but I just right now took a look at three of them… bargained.com, goodwill.net, and 5starhotel.net.? Instead of going to auction they are now being sold for the flat rates of $8,372, $9,932, and $1,892.

I checked the whois for them and it is all the same, registered at Name.com with whois protection on them.? Why the whois protection?? All registered at Name.com with whois protection… coincidence or same person/company that owns them now.? How did they go from pending delete to being sold on Snapnames as Buy It Now?

I just decided to check a few more to see the whois on them, to validate if this is a coincidence or not.? I check veteran.net, designerbrands.net, and makeout.net.? The whois is the same style as the other domains.

So I take a look at all the websites.? They all look the same, showing ads with the same format.? I view the sourcecode for each page and the page is being served by dsnextgen.com.

Next up is a whois search on dsnextgen.com, and what do we find?

Domain Name: dsnextgen.com

Name: Host Master

Organization: Oversee.net

Email: hostmaster@oversee.net
Address: 515 S. Flower Street, Suite 4400

City, Province, Post Code: Los Angeles, California, 90071
Country: US
Phone: 1.2134080080

Now I know that Snapnames offers domain parking, and dsnextgen.com might be their parking service, but it all seems a little off to me.? My detective skills end here, I’m too busy developing things, so if anyone else wants to follow this further and see what you can come up with I’d be more then happy to do a follow up post with your findings.

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  • Thanks for pointing that out. The point I’m trying drive is what are odds that all these pending delete were reregistered by the original owner, and they all had paid whois protection bought, and they were all parked at the same place?

    Unless this is one person who owned all these domains I don’t believe it is very likely that multiple people followed the same actions.

  • Look at their creation dates. They are not “pending delete” names… They are pre-release names.

    I have the same experience. I ordered a pre-release name through Snapnames, but the name didn’t go into auction — instead, it was transferred to Name.com under whois privacy (just like you described). And now it’s available for buy-it-now at Snapnames.

    Very suspicious indeed.

    Btw, I enjoy reading your blog 🙂

  • Get used to it. This is how these shady companies operate.

    I recently waited for 2 pre-release domains to drop at Snapnames and they disappeared on the day before pre-release and showed up in a different account then the original registrant. The person/company who got the names has a big portfolio and this is just one of the perks for them I guess.

    It’s upsetting to see this type of stuff happen but it’s just normal business ethics in the domain world.

    • @JB

      Would you want to name the domains? I’d be interested in looking into this. Definitely if awarded to a big name domainer because he has a side deal that is poor ethics in my opinion.

  • Based on the USER ID at Afternic, I would say Name.com owns the domains… http://www.afternic.com/name.php?domain=goodwill.net

    Goodwill.net did show as “expired” according to whois history via DomainTools in October 2010.

    ~ Either Name.com “warehoused” the domain(s)
    ~ The domains expired and were renewed by Name.com or a Name.com user
    ~ Name.com owned the domains before, let them expire to draw attention to them, then renewed them as late as they could.

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