Anytime a premium .com and the same .net sell I take notice because that is good information to know as people always seem to ask how much of a .com is the .net worth. Today’s auction closed at Snapnames. The closing price… well, before we get to that we know that sold for $3 million back in 2006. We also know that sold for $2.6 million back in 2008 and in 2010 sold in a private sale though a hint alluded that it was sold for six figures. A side note, a search in Google for says that the site may be compromised and some of the results for the site are talking about pharma products so not sure what is going on there… And not exactly the same but somewhat close, sold in 2004 for $2.75 million and sold in 2011 for $138,000. If you know any more feel free to mention them below in the comments but these are what popped into my head off the cuff.

If you had to take a guess for the closing price of what would it be? Well, the correct answer would be $20,000. Interesting? To me it is.

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  • I would think .com would be worth more than would be since the .com is for commercial and widley used worldwide as the .net is for network and not populare as the .com. Over all I would think the .com is worth bu 50% over the .net.

  • From my own years of sales I value it at 10%+ , sometimes more, but I never compared in a global basis so we are just throwing numbers.
    Those .com and .net cases you mentioned have a strong factor behind it… the date. Pre and pos crisis.

  • I don’t know what it will sell for but I can tell you the face value. From there it is up to the buyer and his idea. $30k.

    I use 1% as my rule of thumb.

    So I guess you could say the range would be $30k-$150k.

  • .NET leaks traffic to its .com counterpart. The wise man will want the .com and will save the .net and the gtlds for the fools that follow.

    iCarly said it best…

  • I have owned both the .com and .net versions of some popular keyword domains.

    The .net gets less than 5% of the type in traffic of a .com

    I feel that .net will get much more popular as the new tlds roll out. The public will likely get confused and revert to the old standbys, .com, .net and their respective country codes.

    Consequently, I have been buying many and pay about 1.5% of the .com worth.

  • Interesting exception from recent DNJ sales stats:
    TrustMedia(dot)com sold for $8,040
    TrustMedia(dot)net sold for $2,412
    So, sometimes .net is more than 25%
    It depends ….

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