I have not purchased many gTLD domains, somewhere around 30 of them.? Of those that I purchased I paid a premium price for a few (3 of them).? And of the 3 that I paid a premium price on I’ve sold two of them this year.? I’ve also let about 5 of the gTLDs I purchased expire.? If you are super selective you can make profitable purchases, but when you have people buying tens of thousands of .guru or over a million .xyz then most of the people investing are going to lose money.

So what did I sell?? I sold a.plus for a very small return, paid around $1,100 and sold it for $1,500.? I had a deal in place with the company that I knew would be the best fit for the domain (I bought this domain specifically to market it to one company) and the CEO backed out of the deal at the last minute.? After that happened I was much less optimistic on the domain and sold it when a profitable offer came in.

The second domain which I just sold this past week through Sedo was Reputation.Management.? I picked this up in the “early access” program where I paid on Day 2 for a little over $3,000.? Sold it for $15,000 so after commission it was a little under $10,000 profit.? Not too bad.? This was my most expense gTLD purchase so it always feel good when the biggest shot you take on something turns out well.

The last gTLD that I paid a premium price on was Executive.MBA.? I received a four figure offer late last year on this that would have let me triple my investment but I think this could sell higher.? The lead generation business here pays around $40-50 per lead so there’s a lot of potential.? I’ve also tossed around the idea of developing it out myself so if I’m not able to sell this for five figures then I may give it a shot (time permitting).

The other gTLDs I own have not had much going on.? I’ve gotten a few offers on OnlineReputation.Management and a few offers on Marijuana.Directory, but otherwise the remaining ones have gotten one or no offers on them.? I’m happy with my minimal level of investment in the gTLDs.? I picked my spots, my renewal charges are small, and I’m already profitable.


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  • Other than the one off Reputation.Management which was a big category keyword, and you stepping up on day 3 and paying $3K EAP + Premium Renewal which is why you got it, as it would have been gone on Day 4.

    We have made similar investments, and I actually watched your registration of Reputation.Repair we even put a inquiry in for it, but never got any response back from the broker. I think if anything you sold that one to cheap at $15K, but if you are happy with your profit that is what matters.

    For the most part the offers were stronger in 2014, and 2015, and much weaker in 2016, and there is a lot of lowballing, hand holding, and people backing out, and getting into premiums is a story in itself, and the majority of time it kills the deal when it is hefty. I mean A.Plus with a $1k renewal, this is what most likely killed your deal at $10 they would eat it up, and not care.

    • I don’t think the company cared about the renewal cost. They (or the CEO I should say) did not understand the difference between a registrar and a registry. After we signed a contract he asked a question and I explained the difference and then he backed out because he was thinking one thing when it was really the other (basically his fear was that the domain could “disappear” if the registry didn’t do well with the extension). I could have pursued it legally since we had an executed contract but when going against a larger company they can drag it out and eventually the legal fees can add up so I avoided that risk.

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