Recently I’ve been picking up the majority of my domains at auction with a few hand reg and a few purchased directly from an owner, but I find my greatest ROI is gained by buying domains at auction. Here’s some of my favorite recent pickups over the past 30-45 days that I really like and think hold a lot of value:

A few thoughts:

My cornering of the the Colorado Weed market got stronger with my pickup of I already purchased and from the previous owners and I was able to grab at auction. It may take a year or two but I think we’ll see some huge numbers from this market once it gets rolling.

Apps are hot and they are here to stay, in fact if I had to rank trends I’d say Apps is #1 with Mobile at #2. And domains with the “ville” at the end are killer with a ton of them having sold for very nice prices. Also grabbed There’s already a ton of birthday apps out there. When the .app extension comes I think a lot of type in traffic will come to the .com version (i.e. will give a lot of traffic).

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