Paging Mr. Cline, some, some one word .co domains, at GoDaddy Auctions with no reserve. Let’s see how many you bid on and/or buy.

3 comments on “Some No Reserve .CO Domains at GoDaddy Auctions

  • It’s actually the best time for people to pick up deals with .co but don’t expect them to sell. It is near drop time and there is an odd way in domaining that people would rather pick something up on the drop for $69 or more rather than pay someone $10 pluc $20 renewal. Very odd, but it’s how it is.

  • .co has it’sniche now. Much like .me. Either you want one straight out or you have enough money that you would be willing to build on one. Not much of an aftermarket after that.

    Personally, I’ve done very well with .co but i got in very early. My profit has been 1500%. But a lot of work and time for little money at the end of the day.

    A great indicator of the market is the way .co media has been handled in the last 6 months. Kudos have gone more to Juan Calle as a great entrepreneur rather than the promotion of .co. Whenever you see something about .co these days it is about Juan and not .co.

    I really like .co but when this starts to happen, look out. .co is now taking a backseat to the registrar admin.

    Other than a good sale at sedo here and there, don’t expect to see many .co sales.

  • I just took a look at no reserve auctions for .co at Godaddy and there are a LOT of great one word names that have no bids starting at $10. Don’t be surprised if none sell. and are no reserve and have no bids. Case in point.

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