Sometimes I catch an old article about a domain sale and out of curiousity I see what the buyer did with the domain. In 2010 the domain sold. The article said that there was a NDA signed so the price was not released, but that the sale would put as one of the top 5 .net sales of all time. I would take an educated guess that it would be in the $200-300k range, but at least $100k. So I sauntered over to the site right now to see what the outcome of this six figure purchase was and I just scratch my head. The site looks like it was developed by someone for $50. What is up with the three Google Adsense ad blocks at the bottom of the homepage that scream desperation and I’d guess get a 0.00005% clickthrough rate (you’d make more money parking the domain). It’s like buying a Ferrari and then waxing it with the cheapest brand of wax you can find. Point blank, the homepage is horrific for the amount of money spent on the domain.

Then you go to search for a pizza place near you and you need to put your city/state AND your zip code. Why? That’s like asking someone what their height is in feet and what their height is in inches. It’s the same thing. Why make people enter an extra unnecessary field? So I did it and it returned results. But there is no monetization method here. You can see the results. You can clickthrough on one of the results and get taken to another page, but there’s absolutely not one thing there to make them any money. No ads, no coupons, nothing. Why put the ugly ads on your homepage but don’t put the ads on the results page?

And at the top of the site the “navigation bar” has three items, Find Pizza, About Us, and Contact. Yeah, the “About Us” page has not a thing on it. I don’t get it. Why buy a domain for a significant amount of money and then develop it (and I use that term loosely with this site) like this? I don’t know, it’s a headscratcher to me. If you have any good theories let’em rip.

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  • Another example is which reportedly sold in January 2000 for $2,000,000. It’s currently “under construction”. HUH?!

    I’m a newbie in this business, but my impression is that there are a lot of ‘one-of’ domain name speculators out there who buy without a plan. In other words, they buy based on what they think is a great idea of a domain’s future value and potential without knowing how to execute. In effect, a lot of people GAMBLE.

    My sense is that the domain reseller industry preys on this phenomenon. It’s a casino.

    • Amazing that people have big money to dump on something and then do nothing with it. If they were domain speculators then you’d expect at least something on the homepage offering you the option to buy it.

    • I don’t think you can rate anything on the site. From the coding looks like it just pulls information from Yelp. So there’s really no original development to build on.

  • Even the Terms and Privacy links in the footer of the site go to a dead 404 page. For the cost of a domain like this how can you be so unprofessional with things like the Terms and Privacy pages being 404’s. All I can think is that they are just holding on to it and hoping in 5 or 10 years it may be worth a lot more than they paid for the domain.

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