I had been holding a domain name for the past 2+ years that I could not seem to move. It was a very solid generic one word .net domain for mid four figures which I bought directly from someone who owned it for 13 years. They no longer had a need for it, but after negotiating I had to pay a decent price in the end for it because they would not let it go for cheaper. I went through the usual routine of searching out and contacting people who it would be a good fit it but could not generate any offer above $1,000 for it. I believe the .net handcuffed me as the end users were not interested. What I had thought would be a pretty easy flip turned into a domain I had laying around for much longer then I like to hold.

After a year I decided I would not be able to move it so I submitted the domain to a Snapnames auction with the reserve price set that would allow me to break out even on the domain (can’t win them all). The domain sold at the auction right at the reserve range but a whole saga ensued and long story short the buyer ended up not paying.

I submitted it to another auction and the domain did not meet reserve. At this point it looked like I would have to sit on the domain for a while and hope to find new potential end users, wait for an offer to come in, or sell it at a loss. A few weeks ago an offer came in through the DomainNameSales platform. After some back and forth on the price I was able to sell the domain for just under five figures. It was a 100% ROI for me which I am always happy with when I’m generating a four figure profit. And it was great that it happened through DNS as I did not have to pay a four figure commission on it.

No real lesson to the story, other then sometimes it takes a little luck.

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