Once a week I’ll spend some time direct navigating to sites and seeing what they are being used for.? If I see nothing on the site, or a GoDaddy default landing page you know that the person is not using the domain.? Either they are waiting for a big offer to come in on the domain, or they bought the domain at one time and never used it, and now it is sitting there unused.? It is this second type of domain owner that I am interested in.? I’ve been contacting owners of domains that fall into this ‘unused category’ and seeing if they have any interest in selling the domain.? Once they reply it is easy to see if they are waiting for that end user sale.? I don’t bother replying to them when they ask for $XXX,XXX for a CVCV domain (as an example) because it’s not worth my time.? I’ve been able to buy about 10 domains this way over the past few months.? I recently sold two of them for a combined $4,000 profit.? My point is that instead of trying to hand register the next future wave of domains, or instead of scanning those drop lists that have XX,XXX domains daily, you might want to give this method a shot… but you need to bring some cash to the table, a $69 offer isn’t going to get you a domain name like it might on Namejet.

I’m also selling a few of my other recent purchases that I mentioned in my post yesterday found here:? http://www.tld.org/flipping-some-domains-offers-welcomed

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