The BuyDomains auction run through GoDaddy has ended. There were 150 domains listed and my unofficial count is 1 domain sold ( for around $4,500). The list of names was actually pretty decent, I bid on 8 domains myself. But I’m not going to overbid the market in order to try to hit a reserve price. I don’t see the point in setting up an auction where the majority of bidders is going to be domainers and then set the reserves above reseller pricing. To be fair, there was some domains whose bids were well below reseller pricing, but there were also domains whose bids were in the reseller price range but did not hit reserve. If you want to set reserves above the reseller range you need to market the auction to end users. I only knew about the auction because I visit the GoDaddy auction site daily so how is the average end user supposed to know about it?

And I thought there wouldn’t be any auction that performs worse then the typical Snapnames Spring/Fall/Special auctions… I was wrong.

2 comments on “Splish Splash Flop – BuyDomains Strikes Out with GoDaddy Auction

  • An extra strike out for GD – They sent me a winning bid email with payment link for one of the lots, and 4 hours later another email apologising that reserve had not been met and they will refund funds if necessary.

    And of course the entire auction is now removed so you cant see where the bidding went. Really transparent guys.

    Agree completely about pricing. I suspect they were looking for end-users here, but as you say, wrong venue.

    • Yup, I got a few of those ‘winning bid’ emails. Hopefully nobody made payment because that is a hassle of having their money tied up for a few days to a week for GD’s mistake.

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